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Welcome to the website of Inorganic Molecular Materials Group, Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland). Our group specializes in the investigation of functional molecular materials, in particular functional molecule-based magnets, including chiral magnets, photomagnets, photoluminescent magnets or quantum nanomagnets. The basis of our work consists of design, synthesis and characterization of novel materials based on polynuclear coordination polymers bearing spin carriers which opens the prospective applications in spintronics. Molecular magnetic materials display high sensitivity and selectivity inaccessible for conventional magnetic materials while multifunctionality, combining magnetism with various physicochemical properties, opens the possibility of potential applications such as high storage density magnetic memory, computing units of quantum computers, molecular switches, nanowires, molecular nanomagnets, chemical sensors, or pollution absorbents. This fundamental research has the clear application perspective. Our group conducts the research on the worldwide level, presenting the scientific results in the renowned chemical journals. We strongly cooperate with the recognized research groups from Poland and other countries (Japan, USA, France, Belgium). Details of our research works can be found on this website. We strongly invite all of you to the scientific cooperation with our group.