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Sorption studies

Magnetometr SQUID w laboratorium Zespołu Nieorganicznych Materiałów Molekularnych

The DVS Resolution vapor sorption analyzer from Surface Measurement Systems is used to test the sorption properties of materials using the gravimetric method. Thanks to the advanced SMS UltraBalance™ measurement system, the device allows measurements of samples with masses in the range of 1-1000 mg with a resolution of 0.01 μg, in the temperature range of 5-85°C and relative humidity from 0 to 98% (±0.5%, 5-65 °C). Thanks to the use of mass flow controllers and a solvent vapor mixing collector, True0™, as well as thanks to a real-time humidity measurement probe and a Speed of Sound Sensor, it is possible to perform sorption measurements of water and a wide range of organic solvents with a P/P0 resolution of up to ±0.1%. A unique feature of our device is the fact that it has been adapted to work with the Edinburgh Instruments FS-5 UV-vis-NIR spectrofluorometer, which allows the study of the influence of solvent particles on the luminescent properties of materials in the simultaneous measurement of sorption and photoluminescence.

dr. habil. Szymon Chorąży (