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Advanced synthetic equipment

Our group has a well-equipped synthetic laboratory with a set of fume hoods, Schlenk lines, magnetic stirrers, rotary evaporators, and more specialized synthetic equipment.

Komora rękawicowa w laboratorium Zespołu Nieorganicznych Materiałów Molekularnych

Gloveboxes: MBraun LABStar Glove Box (single workstation), Inert PureLAB (double workstation) with an organic solvent purification system (methanol, acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran, pentane, diethyl ether), and Hoger (double workstation) for tests with aprotic solvents as well as a Labconco glovebox for synthesis with protic solvents. These systems make it possible to perform synthesis in anhydrous, anaerobic, and aprotic conditions, and to work with compounds highly sensitive to ambient conditions (oxygen, moisture).

Contact: dr. habil. Dawid Pinkowicz (

Młyn kulowy w laboratorium Zespołu Nieorganicznych Materiałów Molekularnych

Fritsch Pulverisette 7 planetary ball mill for mechanochemical syntheses without the use of organic solvents (green chemistry). This device is dedicated to tribochemical syntheses, thanks to which it is possible to obtain nanomaterials or products that are unattainable in conventional solvent-methods.

Contact: dr. habil. Dawid Pinkowicz, prof. UJ (

Syntetyzator mikrofalowy MARS

MARS (CEM) microwave synthesiser for conducting microwave-enhanced chemical reactions at elevated temperatures. The syntheses can be carried out in aqueous solutions and in various organic solvents.

Contact: dr. habil. Dawid Pinkowicz (;
dr. habil. Szymon Chorąży (

Piec muflowy

Laboratory muffle furnace FCF 12SM (Czylok), which is used for the conduction of thermal processes and chemical reactions at elevated temperatures (up to 1150 °C). The furnace allows to conduct experiments in an chemically-aggressive environment.

Contact: dr. habil. Dawid Pinkowicz (;
dr. habil. Szymon Chorąży (

Pompa perystaltyczna w laboratorium Zespołu Nieorganicznych Materiałów Molekularnych

Ismatec MasterFlex MFLX78001 four-channel peristaltic pump for conducting syntheses with controlled dosing of reagents into the reaction mixture, especially for syntheses in high dilutions. The pump allows for precise addition of up to 4 solutions at an independent rates and for defining advanced synthetic protocols.

Contact: dr. Mateusz Reczyński (

Spincoater w laboratorium Zespołu Nieorganicznych Materiałów Molekularnych

The Ossila spin coater is used to manufacture thin and even layers of functional materials at various substrates, e.g. for the production of light-emitting devices (LEDs). Process control is based on the selection of the substrate rotation speed (120 to 6000 rpm) and centrifugation time (1 to 1000 s).

Contact: dr. habil. Szymon Chorąży (