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Magnetic and physical

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Magnetic and physical properties of materials

Magnetometr SQUID w laboratorium Zespołu Nieorganicznych Materiałów Molekularnych

Quantum Design MPMS®3 SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) magnetometer with EverCool® cryogenic-liquid-free cooling system. The device enables precise measurements of direct current (dc) magnetic susceptibility in a wide temperature range of 1.8–400 K and in the presence of a magnetic field of 0–7 T, and measurements of alternating current (ac) susceptibility in an alternating magnetic field in the frequency range up to 1000 Hz. The magnetometer is equipped with a VSM (vibrating sample mode) head for precise measurements, an optical line for sample irradiation experiments (the studies of photomagnetic effect), a sample rotator for rotation of oriented crystalline samples, and a cell for magnetic measurements under applied pressure.

Contact (general measurements):
dr. habil. Dawid Pinkowicz (,
dr. habil. Szymon Chorąży (,
dr. Mateusz Reczyński (

Contact (photomagnetic and pressure studies):
dr. habil. Dawid Pinkowicz (

Aparat PPMS DynaCool w laboratorium Zespołu Nieorganicznych Materiałów Molekularnych

The PPMS® DynaCool physical property measurement system by Quantum Design is a top-class multifunctional tool allowing the characterization of a wide range of physical properties of materials in the temperature range of 1.8 K - 400 K and in an applied magnetic field of up to 14 T. The device allows for advanced experiments in continuous low-temperature control and for precise magnetic field and temperature sweep modes.

Our system has several measurement options available:

  • direct current (dc) VMS magnetometry option;
  • AC Measurement System (ACMS II) for magnetic measurements in alternating current (ac) mode for ac excitation fields of 0.05 – 15 Oe at frequencies from 10 Hz – 10 kHz;
  • Fiber Optic Sample Holder (FOSH) for the studies of photomagnetic effect caused by light in the UV-vis range;
  • pressure cell for magnetic properties studies under hydrostatic pressure;
  • heat capacity option for high-precision microcalorimetric measurements of specific heat (resolution 10 nJ/K at 2 K);
  • Electrical Transport Option (ETO) for ac resistance measurements in the resistance ranges of 10 μΩ – 10 MΩ (4-point measurement) or 2 MΩ – 5 GΩ (2-point measurement) for ac current frequencies in the range of 0.1 – 200 Hz;
  • DC Resistance option for constant current resistance measurements in the range of 10 μΩ – 5 MΩ (4-point measurement) for current strengths in the range of 2 nA – 8 mA;
  • Optical Multi-Function Probe (OMFP) for advanced research on optical and electrical properties, including photoelectric effect, as well as imaging of samples during measurements of electrical and photoelectric properties;
  • Raman option for unique measurements of vibrational spectroscopy in an applied magnetic field of up to 14 T and a temperature range of 5 K - 350 K.

The PPMS DynaCool system was purchased as part of the ATOMIN 2.0 project - Centrum badań materiałowych w skali ATOMowej dla INnowacyjnej gospodarki.

Contact: dr. habil. Dawid Pinkowicz (